Top 10 ways to bring an eclectic style to your home

Are you craving freedom and imagination in your own home or cannot decide on a convention style…why not bring an eclectic style to your home? We love the organised yet diverse use of eclectic style and here are 10 ways to bring this to your home.

1/ An eclectic style allows you to represent yourself in ways that one style cannot. By understanding the fine line between clutter and crafted style you can harmonise your taste, personality and individuality through a mismatch of personalised items.

2/ You must have proportion and balance. In order to master the eclectic style, you cannot sacrifice structured for variety. Find your focal point and weave the same shape and proportion throughout both the one room and entire home.

3/ An eclectic style allows you to incorporate a mismatch of styles however in saying this there must be repetition that flows throughout your home. Use the rule of three; texture, shape and pattern three times in one room. This will unite your home and allow the eye to follow a structured line without feeling overwhelmed.

4/ Opposites attract. We love different effects, as each will bring a new feeling to your home. Incorporate different textures such as plastic and stone. Just don’t forget the rule of three.

5/ Decide on a colour scheme. In creating the perfect eclectic home, you may add an assortment of colours but always bring it back to your main colour palate to achieve an organised and equalised feel.

6/ What is your focal point? Choose a ‘must have piece’ that best represents you. This will assist in determining your layout and overall style.

7/ There is no such thing as a generation gap. To bring an eclectic style to your home you should create a wrinkle free environment with splashes from your past to design a timeless look.

8/ Rugs, art, throw pillows and shelves are your best friend in designing an eclectic style. These small items will create a powerful effect keeping your home personal in representing you.

9/ Understanding the balance of utility and style will make all the difference. Leaving spaces purposefully emptywill allow your eyes to rest and create the final touch to a perfectly unconventional eclectic home.

10/ Do not buy the set. Purchase individual items in the same colour family to mix and match textures. This will enforce repetition and cohesiveness all while achieving your eclectic styled home.


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