“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter,
and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr Seuss


The Interior Designer was founded by Seema Sahni in 2017 and is already a well-renowned online designer boutique that sells a curated collection of exclusive designer furniture, homewares and lighting. Seema crafts visual stories that become signature surroundings guided by clients’ aspirations and this is well documented through the website.

Seema has lived in Australia for over 25 years and has a reverence for the inherent beauty of designer pieces. She has always had a flair for home interiors and styling and a very intuitive mind with impeccable attention to detail.

With a passion laser-focused on creating elegant, inspirational and beautiful spaces, she is a true design visionary. With a virtuosic eye for colour, Seema is a storyteller that brings the vision of a home or office to life by creating an evocative story through colour, texture, patterns and individual curated pieces.

Seema caught the travel bug early and her design and style aesthetic intertwines with influences from her array of travels. Intrigued by the different cultures and diversity of each country, the exposure has helped her understand numerous concepts and whether it is seasons, colours, moods or conversations, she finds inspiration in them all. In essence, what Seema gains from her travel experiences is seeing other perspectives in design and envisioning how these can be incorporated into The Interior Designer.

 With a personal and professional motto…

“To create something exceptional, your mind set must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail”

you are in the most expert hands with The Interior Designer.

“I focus more on creating something, nurturing and leading it. I am a perfectionist, looking deeply at even the smallest details in inteirors. I am a person with passion and determination. I have always had a flair for style decor and fashion in the most elegant way. My DNA is creativity. I am enthusiastic, optimistic and a future oriented individual who can multitask. I believe in success and I am willing to take risks. I have the capability to recognise and pursue opportunities and possess strong persuasive, negotiating skills. I am proactive in my approach and ready to improvise as needed to deviate from initial plans and strategies. These qualities and my confidence allow me to stand out from the rest”.

This journey is very close to my heart and through this venture I hope to inspire those who seek stylish, classic designs for their home and I look forward to sharing this passion with you! 

Founder & Creative Director

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