Top 6 Chic Console tables that will welcome you home

Your front hallway is the initial statement of your home and is the first impression for your guests. A chic console table is the perfect piece to welcome you home and here are our top 6 favourite designs.

1/ Adding a mirror to your console table is a perfect way to create an illusion for more space and reflection of natural lighting. As well as being stylish, a mirror allows for those last minute final touches before heading out.

2/ Nothing says relaxation like a good book, so why not turn your console table into a New York styled library to welcome you home. A dark timber table with flowers on top and books underneath creates a chic look for your home.

SEEMA 2.jpg

3/ A glass console doubling as a bar with all your finest liqueurs serves as a perfect styled console while avoiding clutter. Paired with artwork above, you have yourself an elegant in-house bar.

4/ If you have a narrow hallway why not make use of your space by incorporating a sophisticated bench. This can be used as a seat to wait or a decorative piece with candles, art and flowers. What is a better welcome home than comfort and style?

SEEMA 3.jpg

5/ This space must be utilised practically. Using your console table as storage, a space where you can hang your coats, shoes and to top it off a bowl for your keys. By coordinating colours and minimalism you will be implementing a chic style.

6/ When thinking of class and elegance all that comes to mind is fine china. Using your console table as storage or a mean to feature your chic objects such as fine china, glass vases and paired with designer magazines is the perfect way to welcome you home and make a grand first impression on guests.

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