Top 10 Mirror Designs in 2019

We absolutely love the use of mirrors in any home for so many reasons, some of our favourite reasons at The Interior Designer are as follows:

1/ They produce the illusion of space, giving your home a much more spacious feel. You can add a mirror to a small nook or area in your home and this will automatically increase the feel of space.

2/ Mirrors most definitely make a statement, they become a focal point in your home and by adding a light behind the mirror, this gives even more of a statement to your home.

3/ They maximise a room’s lighting, as they can increase the brightness of any room (no matter how dark). We love adding a mirror to a room that has a chandelier, as it will reflect the lighting even more.

4/ Mirrors bring such a beautiful feel to any room, and can help bring attention to a stunning vase or feature that you have. Try adding one in a room that has one of your favourite interior pieces and see how it comes to life with the light of a stunning mirror.

We love everything about adding mirrors in your home and have found some images below of mirrors that we adore @ The Interior Designer.

  1. Modern Round Entryway Mirror Display

  1. Feminine Ornate White Mirror Frame

  1. Metal Framed Hexagon Mirror

  1. Large, Simple, and Minimal Standing Mirror

  1. Round Decorative Wall Mirror Brass