Scent Is The New Challenge In Interior Design

Scent Is The New Challenge In Interior Design

You’ve probably heard about layering with texture, creating style with pattern, or perhaps mixing patterns to bring an interesting new element into a space. For 2018, however, a new challenge is being brought into home interior design, and that challenge revolves around the use of scent. Using scent in interior design makes sense, as scent is one of the strongest senses tied to memory and can help to truly create an atmosphere, but how do you go about using scent to create the type of mood you want?

First, consider the use of your space. The way your space will be used is a bit more important than the interior design when it comes to incorporating scent. Cozy scents that promote relaxation and conversation are best used in living rooms, a heady floral is perfect for a powder room, relaxing scents like lavender or cucumber work best for master bathrooms, and light neutral scents like vanilla or fruits are perfect for kitchens or dining areas. Matching your scent to how the space will be used will ensure your scent never comes between your space and the atmosphere you’re looking to achieve.

 Scent Is The New Challenge In Interior DesignNext, you’ll want to consider your season. Seasonal scents don’t have to scream one holiday or another, but they use the natural atmosphere to your advantage. Citrus scents carry best on the warm air of summer, while woodier scents like pine are overbearing when carried on warm air over cool air. Changing your scents with the change of the season makes easy work of making sure your scent is carrying across the message you’re looking for without being overbearing.

Lastly, use your scent to match your style. While many think this should be first on the list, taking a scent that doesn’t match the space or season will bring your style down a notch instead of elevating it as intended. For a Hamptons Coastal room, take a look at pieces like the Grey Cream Wide Stripe sofa or the  eligible Liberty Table Lamp. What these pieces have in common is a natural light and airy simple design, and your chosen scent should match. A fresh air, warm linens, or fresh cotton scent would take these interior design elements and elevate them to the senses beyond sight and touch, allowing you to smell the coastal air.

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