Set The Mood For A Hamptons Coastal Room

Set The Mood For A Hamptons Coastal Room

The Hamptons Coastal room is the new nautical, and this clean, airy, and fresh design scheme is perfect for opening up any space in your home in a breezy and laid back way. As you can see from our mood board, the Hamptons Coastal style is really easy to achieve, and it’s all about keeping things simple, light, and inspired. Gone are the days of in your face nautical design, with an anchor here, reclaimed nautical rope there, and seashells strewn about, as we usher in a new cleaner way to bring the ocean breeze inside.

The centerpiece for your Hamptons Coastal living room will most likely be your sofa, and our Riley Sofa in Natural is light, comfortable, and low maintenance – everything you’re looking for in a Hamptons Coastal space. The linen and cotton mixed fabric gives the sofa that perfect feel you’re looking for, while the light natural color is reminiscent of white sands on a Hamptons beach. The neutral tone of this sofa not only brings it into your coastal theme but also makes it incredibly easy to match with other design elements.

Set The Mood For A Hamptons Coastal Room Hamptons coastal isn’t just about breezy low-maintenance, it’s also about open space. Creating the open space needed to really achieve that coastal atmosphere in a smaller room isn’t difficult, and the one piece you’re going to want to incorporate is a mirror like our Antique Dia Mirror in Silver. With a simple, yet somewhat intricate, design, the mirror works to open up your space through the power of reflection, giving off the illusion of more space being created.

Your lighting also makes a difference in Hamptons Coastal style, and you don’t always have to keep this simple. A great way to incorporate a statement piece into your Hamptons room is through statement lighting like our Scandinavian Amelia Chandelier in Chrome. This chandelier uses light chrome and hanging clear crystals plays with the light and uses a statement lighting piece to actually open up and brighten a space in a really elegant way.

With  available, interior decoration for a Hamptons Coastal style has never been simpler. Our Interior Styling Services are also available to pair you with interior design professionals that can take a look at your specific space and create the perfect breezy Hamptons Coastal vision you’ve been looking for.

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