Pattern Mixing For The Year 2018

Pattern Mixing For The Year 2018

Pattern mixing is something of a challenge for many. Whether we’re talking about home interior design or personal fashion, it seems that mixing patterns is the climbing of Everest when it comes to bringing this fun layering tool into your personal style. While our Interior Styling Services are perfect for teaching you the ins and outs of pattern mixing, there are also a few tricks you can learn yourself and use in your own interior design undertakings. A few tips for pattern mixing in the year 2018 are:


• Use an odd number of patterns – When it comes to pattern mixing, symmetry is something you want to avoid. You want a devil may care look, not something carefully planned, as the planned version tends to look too busy and intentional. For this reason, start with mixing 3 patterns of 3 different sizes, and as you get more comfortable, work your way up from there. A larger pattern is a great place to start, something like our Cape Cod Rug or Circles Rug, and from there you can work your way into a medium and smaller pattern as you see fit.

Pattern Mixing For The Year 2018• Use large on large, and small on small – If you’re pattern mixing within a space, try to have the patterns you’re choosing work with the pieces they’re on. For example, the Grey Cream Wide Stripe sofa should have the largest pattern in the space if you’re mixing patterns using pillows and blankets, but the medium sized pattern if you’re incorporating patterned hanging drapes.

• Patterns brighten up monochromatic spaces – If you want to bring some personality into the monochromatic trend of 2018, there is no better way than with pattern mixing. While the patterns may use different colors, sticking to your primary shade will keep your monochromatic look strong, while still adding interesting touches here and there. Monochromatic pattern mixing works best with varying scales of the same colors.

• Texture is pattern – It’s important to remember that texture can be one of the patterns you’re working with, and this is perfectly represented by our  eligible Liberty Table Lamp. Using a piece like this to represent the small texture of a grouping is a great way to mix things up and approach pattern mixing in a slightly different way.


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