How To Accent Your Interior Design With Candles

accent candles for interior design

Like floor lamps and table lamps, candles can really bring that extra layer of style to any room. When purchasing home furniture online, layering different elements to incorporate into your interior design is important when creating a complete space, but the one impactful element you may be missing is the one you weren’t thinking about in the first place. Taking a side table like our Bishop Oak Side Table, a simple to style piece with  available, and accenting it with tapered candles will give your room an instant elegance that is timeless and versatile, bringing out other design elements within your space to provide the overall atmosphere.

A few tried and tested methods of incorporating candles into your home interior design are:


• Tea lights – Tea lights work beautifully placed around dining room tables on their own, but they also allow you to bring some whimsy into your space with the vast array of different tea light candle holders out there. A tea light candle can be placed into a wax warmer or tea light holder of any style and placed on any surface to layer with fun or unique accent pieces.

Statement: There are a lot of things you can do to keep your mouth clean and healthy between dental checkups. But is using mouthwash one of those things?s• Votives – Votives are the perfect way to accent any table from dining to decorative, much like tea lights. Votives are slightly larger than tea light candles, and can bring classic elegance when placed in small glass votive holders and used in layering smaller end tables.

• Pillar candles – Pillar candles work well alone, but they work best in groups. A trio of different sized pillar candles helps to create gorgeous dining room or coffee table centerpieces whether you’re layering the candles with other design elements or not. To really create something interesting, use different colored pillar candles in your grouping that accent different colors used in the room.

• Taper candles – Taper candles have a certain classic look that really screams elegance in any space. Using different candlestick holders, you can change the entire vibe of the candles in seconds to fit in with holidays, party themes, or different room themes. For instance, a classic gold holder will bring the taper candles into your Hollywood Glamour room, while a clean white holder will be perfect for Hamptons Coastal.

• Wax filled glass – Wax filled glass candles, or jar candles, are the most versatile, and they provide an interesting layer of coziness to your home interior design. These types of candles can be used in any space, indoor or outdoor, and it’s simple to find a jar or glass holder to perfectly accent your design.


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