Reviewing 2017’s Top Home Lighting Trends

Reviewing 2017’s Top Home Lighting Trends

Home lighting trends tend to change as often as any other trend in home design. Before 2018 is fully ushered in, let’s take a look back at 2017 and the lighting trends that dominated the year. Some of the top home lighting trends of 2017 include:

• Statement pendant ceiling lighting – A great statement has a place in any room, and for 2017 that place was the ceiling. Pendant lighting was stealing the statement spotlight all throughout the year, with pieces that automatically draw the eye to the top of your space, then all around the room. There is no real sign of the pendant lighting trend slowing down for 2018, and pieces like the Adele Mirrored Pendant are perfect for combining 2018’s big trends, like metallics, with the benefits of a statement pendant.

Reviewing 2017’s Top Home Lighting Trends • Industrial lighting – The industrial trend has been just about everywhere for the past few years, and 2017 was no exception. Like statement pendant lighting, it’s expected to cross right over into 2018 as well, so it’s not too late for those looking for a way to embrace this trend. To mix the industrial lighting trend with the pendant lighting trend, the Coleman Brass Pendant is perfect, but you don’t have to stick to the ceiling for the industrial look. If a floor lamp is more your style, the Durie Design Gold Sputnik Lamp in 2 sizes takes industrial looks to any area of your home.

• Geometric shapes – Floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lighting all embraced geometric shapes in 2017. The beauty of geometrics is that they never really go out of style, and something like the Tribecca Geometric Pendant will be just as stylish in 2018 as it was in 2017, and will most likely go right with your décor in 2019 as well.

• Soft brushed gold – While 2018 is slated to celebrate a bolder sort of metallic, 2017 was all about the warm glow of soft brushed gold. In warm or romantic spaces, brushed gold may still be preferred to bolder and edgier metallic shades, so there is space in your 2018 for all of your brushed gold pieces as well. The Cedric Lamp uses an exposed bulb to keep the piece interesting, while soft brushed gold tones down a bit of the edge and makes it timelessly romantic.


As you can see, many of the trends you loved in 2017 can still be celebrated in 2018 simply by using timeless pieces or incorporating trendy pieces into the new year’s top trends.

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