Inspiration For The Ultimate Hollywood Glamour Room

Hollywood Furniture in Interior Design

Hollywood glamour never goes out of style. In fact, it seems that in recent years this ever popular design scheme is more chic than ever. With the Hollywood Glamour mood board, you can get all of the convenient inspiration you need to create your own Hollywood Glamour room from one place. Tables, lighting, rugs, and furniture, the mood board gives you a perfect snapshot of the pieces you need to make your own Hollywood dreams come true.

In the mood board, the style elements are settled around the sofa, and this isn’t a bad plan for arranging your own Hollywood Glamour room as well. Starting with a sofa or another large furniture piece gives you a nice anchor you can use to base the rest of your space off of. One important thing to remember, however, is to not use any statement pieces you may be working into your design as an anchor, as this could cause you to go overboard and make your design a bit too much.

Inspiration For The Ultimate Hollywood Glamour Room The sofa pictured in the Hollywood Glamour mood board is the Coco Sofa 3 Seater in Blush. This blush tone really accents the standout vintage design of the sofa, giving it a romantic and elegant appeal. With such a unique design, a light and feminine shade of blush is one you can never go wrong with. If you want to make your Hollywood Glamour room a bit more dramatic, the Coco Sofa 3 Seater also comes in a dark shade of beautiful royal blue.

Once you have your sofa anchoring your Hollywood space, you can then begin to focus on other design elements to really pull the mood board look altogether. On the mood board, a big focus is placed on classic designs in gold finishes, with glass tabletops and metallic touches wherever they can be placed. These metallic elements are typically in simple and sleek shapes, but a stand-out piece like the Franklin Mirror is the perfect way to bring added texture while showing something a little different but still theme appropriate.

While the mood board has plenty of inspiration for your Hollywood Glamour space, this is also a look you can play with by yourself as well. Different decade inspired pieces, mixing bold with muted, or even adding in a couple of modern touches gives you versatility in your old Hollywood style.

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