Modern Interior Design

The word “modern” in Interior Design means many different things to different people and we thought, here @ The Interior Designer that we would highlight some trends in this buzzword when it comes to what is trending as “modern”.

We love modern wallpaper that brings spaces into a whole new dimension, with a touch of colour, texture and depth to a room. Featuring contrasting textures add to a modern look and give whichever room you are updating, a whole new feel. It is a very easy way to transform your room.

Think monochromatic and drama and you will have the epitome of MODERN! We absolutely adore black and white geometric walls, with hints of metallic throughout, such as copper to add a high-end and luxurious feel to your home. We would encourage you to show off coloured and textured pieces, such as these gorgeous velvet blush pink cushions to add even more of a feeling of true luxury.

Blush Pink Velvet Rivet Cushion

Another trend in the modern interior design space is oversized prints of all different shapes and sizes (all oversized) hanging on your walls. This gives a feel of showcasing museum pieces in your home and are truly decadent. You could even add a new coat of paint before hanging these oversized pieces, to truly transform this room into a modern feature of your home.

One of the most popular features of a modern design, is metallics of all shades – think gold, copper, chrome and brass. They are no longer being featured in just Art Deco homes, but everywhere, with no sign of this trend slowing down. The key to successfully infusing a space with metallic décor and pieces, is to pair them with softer textures, so there is a balance that adds a glamourous feel to any room. Just like a soft white makes a colour stand out and pop, metallics are so effective in creating a brilliant contrast.

We would suggest adding metallic accents into different spaces of your home to give it a modern face lift (if you will!). Think, The Great Gatsby and the elegance and sheer beauty that style brings, that is a wonderful description of modern interior design. The lushness of metallics is divine, as you can use them with a light hand as a discreet addition or boldly to make a stand-out effect.

Then we have Urban Modern, which stems from the modern lofts in major cities, such as New York City. With a cosmopolitan feel it is a fusion of glamourous chic and edgy, innovation pieces. We love the look of large, oversized furniture and lots of decorative accents, such as mirrors, pillows and throws, all that give the urban modern design the feeling of artistic and creative expressions – almost like an Artist must live there!

Bathtub in the modern interior

Modern design is perfect for when you want to either do a full interior design overhaul and transformation, or whether you just want to update a room or space in your home. Whatever you decide, it is a magnificent choice when it comes to interior design.

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