Winter Wonderland

We are well into winter now here in Australia and if you are looking for an excuse (any excuse) to host a dinner party, why not create a Winter Wonderland in  your home and surprise and delight your family and friends. Here at The Interior Designer, we simply love any reason to dress up our dining table and we have outlined some of our favourite tips and tricks in today’s blog to show you exactly how you can create your very own Winter Wonderland. Remember, when hosting a dinner party for family and friends, the presentation is most definitely an extension of you and your home interior design, so this gives you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your beautiful home.

Let’s jump straight in, shall we?

It is important to try and keep the table set-up simple (meaning not too cluttered and busy) otherwise it will distract from the focus on your dinner, such as the delicious food, wine and cocktails (of course!). We recommend using a neutral coloured tablecloth or table runner to use as the foundation of your divine winter wonderland table setting. It is going to give you a blank canvas to work from and truly is the perfect foundation to style your table.  Now, you can begin making it spectacular.

One key word to describe a winter wonderland table setting is opulence, as this is going to give your dinner party a luxurious and glamourous feel – and why not? We would recommend adding gorgeous black and gold accents to your table and crystal glassware if you have them. Many of our clients are enjoying Christmas in July dinner parties right now and are adding in rich reds and greens to their table settings, to really bring the Winter Wonderland them to life.

A unique and special way to add personalisation to your dinner party is to add name cards and conversation starters to each setting. This is a colourful way to add some fun and laughter into your dinner and gives your guests an opportunity to enjoy these personal touches. What we love about adding name cards is you as the host is able to pre-arrange the seating order in a way that will highlight the liveliness, fun and conversation of your dinner party.

Seasonal flowers and their colours are a superb way to bring the winter wonderland theme further into your table setting, think gorgeous blooms of flowers in glass vases as featured pieces on your table. Candles work beautifully well with the winter wonderland dinner party setting and as you have a neutral setting you can choose colours that compliment your entire setting. If you are not sure, gold candles always look stunning on a table setting, as do white if you are keeping it simple.

You have now considered many of the details and it would be remiss of us not to mention music! You want your music as background music, so it helps set the ambiance and atmosphere, however, does not disturb the conversation, we want that flowing so everyone is having a wonderful time. A quick tip, there are many pre-selected and curated playlists on both YouTube and Spotify that will take the work out for you, and all you need to do is hit play!

As a final note, if you would like to showcase more of your home and interior design, you can serve your entrees in different rooms of your home. This is a lovely way to share your interior design style with your family and friends.

There are many ideas and inspirations for you to consider when planning a dinner at your home and for more Interior Design inspiration, tips, tricks, recommendations and #interiorenvy, visit

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