5 Top Tips in Choosing a Rug for your Home

Rugs can prevent our floors from getting scratched by house furniture or probably giving our floors a better look and feel. Carpeting provides a safe, comfortable spot for kids to play and may even reduce the risk of injury during a fall. Carpet requires a bit of extra maintenance compared to vinyl or tile, but there’s simply no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort. Also nothing compares to the soft, luxurious feeling of carpet under your feet. It can be difficult to choose the best carpet for your home, with so many different colors, materials and designs available. There are materials that needs constant cleaning which sometimes can’t fit with your busy schedule.

Here our  5 tips in choosing a rug for your home:

  1. Know your Space

First of all, you have to determine the size of your room. This will determine how big the rug you will need. Circular or oval rugs are best suited for small rooms, on the other hand rectangular and square shaped rugs works best with large rooms

  1. Color and Design

The color of your living room will determine the design and pattern of a rug. But Don’t spend hours trying to match colors exactly. If you try too hard, you might end up with an artificial look. One trick that the designers use sometimes is to start with a rug and pull the color choices from there.  Dark colors make objects appear smaller and light colors do the opposite, making objects or spaces appear larger. If your space is small try using a light colored rug to make your room have a more expansive look.

  1. Rug Material or The Durability

Durability is important, so consider where the rug will be placed.  We recommend natural materials like wool, silk, or a combination of those two materials to ensure your rug will stand the test of time. Using an outdoor/indoor rug inside the home is a family-friendly option because of the durability and resistance to potential spills/stains, or in a bathroom where humidity is a factor.

  1. The Cost

Regarding the cost, there are no other better advise than investing in a high quality rug if you know that it will take a lot of beating from traffic. Besides, high quality rugs are excellent for longer, better, more comfortable feel.


  1. Maintenance

Not all rugs can be cleaned by vacuuming. Thick carpets will require deep cleaning service while Flat weave carpets may only need dry cleaning at least once or twice a year.