How To Choose The Perfect Paint Colours

How To Choose The Perfect Paint Colours

Accent pieces, modern lighting, decorator pieces, the full selection of an online furniture store – none of these things have a larger impact on the look and atmosphere of a space than your colour palette. Choosing the perfect paint colours is typically what causes the most stress or anxiety when realizing your perfect interior design, but it doesn’t have to. By following a few basic tips, you can use your paint colours to perfectly represent the look and feel you’re going for, and without any of the uncertainty or stress.

Go With Your Patterns

How To Choose The Perfect Paint Colours If you’re using patterns in your interior design, you have the perfect colour palette to choose from right in front of you, and you may not even realize it. Choosing a colour for the walls that ties in to your largest patterned piece really ties the entire room together, and it does so in an effortless way that simultaneously makes these accent décor pieces pop. For instance, if you have the Malachite Rug resting on the floor of the sitting room for added luxury, choose a green shade represented in the rug to put onto the walls to tie everything together cohesively while giving the rug a bit of extra pop.

Replicate Nature From Dark To Light

Looking outside during the day, you will generally see a dark ground, lighter surroundings, and the light of the sky as you look upward. Choosing your colour palette, particularly in a naturally-inspired space, works in much the same way. If you use dark wood, tile, or carpet on the floor, use a lighter shade on the walls, and a lighter complementing shade on the ceiling. For a blue/green colour palette, one may want to use teal floor coverings, lighter seafoam on the walls, and a smooth white eggshell ceiling colour.

Pull From Your Own Personal Style

If your personal style is glamourous, filled with rich neutrals crossed with luxurious jewel tones, take inspiration from this for your colour palette and paint choices. What looks good on the body will also look good in the home, and your closet provides an excellent treasure trove of inspiration. The classic look of dark blues, browns, and white creates a perfect example. For a space with dark brown furniture and navy coloured seating like the Scandinavian Sloane Armchair, ivory paint on the walls can keep the classic and handsome colour palette looking clean and refined.

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