How To Incorporate Wall Art Into Small Spaces

How To Incorporate Wall Art Into Small Spaces

City living often means small spaces, and small spaces can be somewhat intimidating when it comes to decorator pieces. With a small area, you will still want to make the space your own, but priorities have to be set in order to make the absolutely most of the space you have available. Wall art in Sydney apartments or lofts, for instance, provides a perfect example of how you can maximize your “you factor” without minimizing the minimal space you’re already working with. Wall art is customization using vertical space, and even with a smaller area available for wall art, it’s quite simple to maximize what you do have.

How To Incorporate Wall Art Into Small Spaces To create a gallery wall or mix different wall art pieces on the same wall, the secret is in the frame and border. Wall art pieces that use small frames and borders are pieces that need to have a bit of space of their own, and mixing too many in the same area can leave a space looking cluttered or over-busy. What a larger frame and border does to a piece is reserves its own personal space for you, so you need not worry about hanging these pieces together as they’re far less likely to ever look like too much. The Sheer Leaf with Natural Frame wall art piece is the perfect example of wall art that reserves and keeps its own space, allowing it to be layered without much effort.

Neutral colour palettes are also incredibly impactful for opening up spaces, and this doesn’t stop at the walls or the furniture. Neutral colours used in wall art also help to keep the atmosphere light and airy, a great example being the Butterflies in Black Frame with AfterPay available. On top of using a natural colour palette, the piece also uses a 3D effect to create room depth.

Lastly, nature wall art really helps to open up windowless spaces or spaces with not much natural light. A wall art piece that shows an expansive natural scene hung upon the wall where a window may be brings a piece of paradise right into the home while also really communicating the interior design themes of natural inspired rooms in particular. These pieces can be layered with other relevant art pieces, such as a beach scene accompanied by wall art pieces showing cranes, palm trees, or seashells.

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