Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Colour Palette

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, which is one reason why it’s one of the most important in terms of interior design. Whether you have a separate dining room or an eat-in kitchen space, this is the area where you’ll be doing much of your entertaining and spending a great deal of family time. Designer lighting, the colours you choose, and the accent pieces you have around the space will all play a big role in the atmosphere you create. A few tips for choosing the perfect kitchen colour palette are:

• Begin with your cabinetry – White cabinets, steel cabinets, wood cabinets, no matter your choice, they will be a big focal point in your kitchen and your colour palette. The undertones of your cabinet colours will have a big impact on your wall colours and the colours of your décor, as will small accents like drawer pulls and cabinet handles.

• Counters are the perfect place for neutrals – You’ll want your kitchen to pop, but your countertops are typically not the place to put your colours. Statement accent décor brings pizazz to the counter areas, so you’ll want to keep your countertop colours neutral, but flattering, to ensure your colour scheme is never “too much”.

• Base the kitchen on colours you love – Because you spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, focus on and prioritize your favourite shades in this space. While colours like yellows and greens are popular kitchen choices, don’t fear going with cool greys or jewel tone blues if those are the colours you enjoy the most.

• Backsplashes and paint for pop – Your backsplashes and your walls are where you’re really going to allow your colour to shine. For backsplashes, using a multi-coloured look with your wall colour in the pattern will tie the space together while adding some individual flair.

• Never neglect lighting – Your lighting choice will make a big difference in your colour palette choice, and using the wrong modern lighting can really throw off your entire look. One lighting option that is particularly elegant in kitchen spaces, helping to boost colour palettes, is pendant lighting, and pendant lighting in a flattering complementary style. For an industrial kitchen, for instance, the Large Olivier Iron Cage Pendant makes a big statement, while the Liya Clear Pendant is ideal for a graceful and more understated look.

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