6 Tips For Getting Your Lighting Just Right

6 Tips For Getting Your Lighting Just Right

Modern lighting will make or break your space, regardless of how put together, stylish, or cohesive your interior design may be. Lighting is a lot more than accent décor, it is responsible for completely setting the atmosphere of a space whether natural light is present or not. 6 tips for getting your lighting just right are:

1. Go with floor and table – Designer lighting doesn’t have to be exclusive to ceiling, floor, or table, and layering is a trick that not only can be used in any space in the home, but should be used in just about all spaces of the home. When extra light is needed, more lamps can be turned on, and for a romantic interior design atmosphere, less may be used. Using interesting accent lamps in both areas, like the modern Kent Table Lamp and the Dallas Floor Lamp for a modern space, helps to communicate your design all throughout the room.

2. Size matters – For any type of lighting, the size of your fixture is also important. You don’t want to place a small pendant light or chandelier in a large space, and you don’t want to overwhelm a smaller space with lighting that is too big. This rule rings true for table and floor lighting, and your fixture should always suit the scale of the space you intend to place it in.

3. Mixing colour is welcome – While you will want to layer lighting pieces that utilize similar styles, you don’t need to stick to the same colour palette. Accent lighting is easy and stylish accent décor, and switching up colours to use different accents from your main colour palette adds a certain brand of whimsical interest.

4. Statement lamps grab presence – If you’re wondering where you can place a statement piece in a particular room, accent lighting is an easy choice. Statement table lamps add layers of intrigue and they don’t have to be large in size to do so.

5. Match your shades – When playing with accent lighting as accent décor, you can switch up styles of table or floor lamp, but keeping shades the same will ensure your room stays tied together.

6. Consider your shade materials – Lampshade materials will really impact the light that comes from various fixtures, and if you’re going for a certain type of atmosphere, this is a big thing to consider. Crisp white shades will provide crisp white light, but neutral shades or burlap shades will provide a warmer and more diffused look.

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