5 Tips For What Not To Do While Renovating Your Design

5 Tips For What Not To Do While Renovating Your Design

Whether you’re completely renovating an entire room of your home, or simply giving it a romantic interior design makeover, renovations can cause a lot of stress. What many don’t quite realize is that these stresses are those we will often put onto ourselves, and this is something that is shown quite quickly when your renovation is spearheaded by interior styling services. 5 tips for what not to do when renovating your design are:

1. Expect perfect right away – In big renovations and style makeovers, you’re going through a process of trial and error. Accent pieces and decorator pieces might need to be arranged and rearranged, or changed out completely, but it’s important to remember that you’ll get there. Expecting perfection right away is simply adding undue stress into the renovation equation.

2. Go in without a budget – There is a big difference between a luxury sofa and a luxury occasion chair, and you’ll want to know just what you’re looking for before going into a style renovation. You can still achieve the style you want with any budget, but going in without a budget can leave your room looking unfinished while you’re left feeling overwhelmed. For a sitting room, using a couple of luxury chairs like the Tufted French Provincial Chair can keep you in budget for more accessories, accents, and decorators can help you to have a more complete room.

3. Expect immediate transformation – For big renovations or interior design renovations, one can’t really expect an immediate transformation. Even professional interior stylists need to thoroughly feel out the space, your style, and your budget before crafting the perfect space, and with time you’ll be able to ensure you get what you really want.

4. Close up on ideas and inspiration – Knowing what you want is never a bad thing, but professional stylists are experts in their craft. When updating or making over your interior design, your stylist will have many ideas to complement their overall vision. Listening to these ideas can give you a complete and cohesive space you’ll be happy to have trusted.

5. Design for real life – The best way to keep your design renovation going is to consider your real life, how you live, and how practical your design may be. For a home with young children, pets, and plenty of fun, clean white minimalism with the light natural Riley Sofa might not be as fitting as something a bit tougher against a hectic lifestyle.

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