Creating Your Luxury Bedroom

Creating Your Luxury Bedroom - The Interior Designer

Luxurious bedrooms are a massive trend for the year 2018, and turning your bedroom into a luxury space is probably much simpler than you think. Whether you have a relaxed café inspired bedroom, or something a bit more coastal and breezy, the addition of a few interior design elements can help you to ramp up the luxury in only minutes.

One really easy way to bring an added touch of luxury to your home is with a simple coat of paint. It’s no secret that fresh colour on the walls can really transform a space, and for a luxurious room you’ll want colour that’s warm, rich, and not lacking depth. If you’re not quite ready to go all-in on a new wall colour, an accent wall in a rich and dramatic shade on the wall framing the bed can add just that necessary drama without going too far. If you do plan to keep the majority of the walls a white or light neutral colour, choose a shade that has plenty of warmthor depth.

Creating Luxury In Your BedroomAgainst that accent wall will be your headboard, and this method of framing the bed in luxury is one you can really have fun with. The Pippa Queen Sized Headboard in Navy brings to the table not only texture but a huge trend in fall season navy tones, which really pops against warm neutral bedding colours. For something with an even more luxurious texture, the Central Park Headboard features vertical seams cutting through rich charcoal faux velvet. Both options are pillowy, soft, textured, and in tones that bring out the luxurious nature of your space.

Ceiling lights can also make a massive impact on creating your luxurious bedroom, and the installation of a simple chandelier or statement light can change the overall look of a room in onesimple step. For a luxury look, opt for a lighting fixture that incorporates glass, metallics, or crystals, and allow the light to do its work in reflecting from these surfaces for a glamorous sparkle and shine. The Oscar 15 Arm Chandelier combines an industrial edgy look with a classic crystal chandelier, making it an incredible addition to create luxury in rustic or café inspired rooms. No matter your personal style, you don’t have to give up your interior design scheme to add luxury into your space. With luxury bedrooms becoming a major interior design trend for this year, it’s something that more and more people will be looking in to in order to build comfort in what should be the most relaxing room of the home. With these simple additions, anyone will learn that creating luxury is something that can be done easily.

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