How Do Styling Services Work?

How Do Styling Services Work?

If you have a vision for your home, but you’re not quite sure how to take this vision and turn it into a reality, what you’re looking for is our styling services. Interior home decoration styling services place you with an interior design professional, and takes your vision from an idea into concrete beauty you can see and feel each time you walk into your home. While it’s easy to dream up beautiful looks for your home, it’s often far more difficult to interpret how these ideas translate into real-world looks, and this is exactly where your styling services professionals come in.


The Early Stages – Consultation and Design


How Do Styling Services Work?Styling services begin with an initial consultation, and in this step our styling professionals will get to know you and what you want out of your space. You are the driving force behind their inspiration, and your input, needs, likes, and dislikes create the framework for our professionals to begin the interior design process.

After getting a handle on what you’re looking for out of your space, we’ll begin creating collages and mood boards combining interior design professional experience with your needs, your vision, and your space. With this step, you’ll rest assured that the planning process is taking the path that best serves your overall vision. While styling services enlist the help of professional interior stylists, it’s important to remember that the style is yours.


Sourcing and Presentation


After getting a good handle on what you’re looking for, your stylist will then start to source designer pieces to make your idea a reality. Looking through our curated collection on our online boutique offering a wide array of products, you’ll be able to choose pieces with your stylist to what will be the style of your home. From homeware accessories like clocks and cushions with AfterPay, to larger furniture pieces like sofas and dining tables, you work alongside your stylist to make sure every piece sourced for your home is representative of your personality.

Once the sourcing is complete, it’s time to begin building your space. After your space has been designed using the concepts laid out by you and your stylist, you’ll be ready to present the space you’ve always dreamed of. Styling services provide a simple option that combines your vision with the insider knowledge and experience of an interior stylist. With our styling services, your home can have a high end lavish look that is not only perfectly on trend, but true to you at the same time.

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