5 Tips For Creating A Minimalist Sitting Room

5 Tips For Creating A Minimalist Sitting Room

There is something timeless, clean, and effortlessly simple about minimalist style. Minimalism can actually be a very interesting and atmospheric interior design style choice, and the type of atmosphere it creates is perfect for a sitting room area of your home. 5 tips for creating a minimalist sitting room include:


1.Clear the space – A cluttered area is not a minimalist area, so the first thing you’re going to want to do to create a minimalist sitting room is a good decluttering. If your sitting room incorporates a number of various décor pieces, go through each one and determine which must have a space in that area, and which can be moved elsewhere. When it comes to décor in a minimalist space, it’s a good idea to stick with stand-out, functional, and modern statement pieces, like the Staten Geometric Iron Pendant for lighting, which is also available to buy now and pay later with AfterPay.

 5 Tips For Creating A Minimalist Sitting Room2.Don’t be afraid to incorporate nature – Natural décor is an excellent way to bring texture and colour into a minimalist space. Minimalist spaces really get their atmospheric nature by being naturally clean and fresh, which is just the message a living plant provides.

3.Play with colour – Minimalism doesn’t have to have a white or entirely neutral colour palette. Playing with pastels, primary colours, jewel tones, or other colour schemescan bring your personality into a space where décor is minimal.

4.Storage is important – Minimalist interior design style is ruined by clutter, so storage is important in your sitting room space. While shelving and open storage tends to be simpler, you want to keep the contents of your room hidden and out of sight. A piece like the Bellini Chest in White can work beautifully in any minimalist style, and 3 full drawers with a sleek style provides plenty of storage space without cluttering up the room.

5.Unify your design – While modern and contemporary looks work effortlessly with minimalist style, the look can be achieved with nautical themes, vintage themes, andeven glamorous pieces. The most important thing to remember, however, is to choose a style and stick with it. While busier areas of the home can pull off mixing two or more styles together to create a more personalized look, you want to keep minimalist spaces as simple as possible by choosing one and sticking with it.


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