Creating A Bedroom Sanctuary

Creating A Bedroom Sanctuary

The average person spends around 1/3 of their life asleep, and our bedrooms are the last place we see at the end of an evening, and the first room we wake up to in the morning. For these reasons, it’s important to have a bedroom that acts as a sanctuary, and provides for you a space you can’t wait to get back to. From your bedroom, you want a space that provides instant relaxation, and naturally clears your mind as soon as you step foot through the door.

A few tips for creating a bedroom sanctuary include:

Creating A Bedroom Sanctuary• Prioritize lighting – The right lighting, or the wrong lighting, can make all the difference in your bedroom sanctuary. Designer lighting creates a certain ambiance, and what you should avoid is bright or harsh fluorescent lighting that brings harshness into your space. Ceiling lights can work well, but layered lighting works even better, providing you with the light you need when you need it. Accent lighting on bedside tables, like the Kent Table Lamp, or floor lighting like the Marlin Floor Lamp works particularly well in conjunction with ceiling fixtures.

• Incorporate scent – Your sanctuary should provide a full sensory experience, and this includes the sense of scent. Using scented candles in relaxing aromas can bring you into a space of peace and relaxation from the second you walk through the door and take your first breath.

Plushness is cosiness – A plush space is a cosy space, and incorporating plushness into your bedroom is a simple way to begin building on your bedroom sanctuary. Rich luxurious fabrics, layering of pillows and cushions, and incorporating decadent area rugs are just a few ways to bring that sense of cosiness and comfort into your bedroom.

• Use neutrals – Neutral tones, whether warm or cool, have a naturally calming appeal for the bedroom. Overuse of bright jewel tones and busy patterns, while beautiful in other spaces, could be subconsciously distracting, so it’s best to keep things on the simple side for ample relaxation. Greys, navy blue, earthy reds, and creamy oranges are just a few accent colours that can add pop without taking away from the sanctuary feel.

• Organization is key – A cluttered room or messy room is a room that takes away from the comfortable sanctuary feel. Dressers, tables, vanities, and closet spaces really help to keep things organized, and therefore keeping things relaxing.

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