6 Ways To Give Your Living Room A Warmer Feel This Winter

6 Ways To Give Your Living Room A Warmer Feel This Winter

Even with the heat turned up, a room can still be left feeling cold during the winter season. What many homeowners may not realize is that their choices in interiors can add to the cosiness of a space, and there are many ways to provide a warmer feel this winter.

6 ideas / tips for creating a warmer living room are:

6 Ways To Give Your Living Room A Warmer Feel This Winter

1. Layering – Layering isn’t only a fashion option in the winter, it’s an interior design warmth trend as well. Layering with cushions, area rugs, blankets, and soft fabrics on top of soft fabrics helps to give a comfortable and blanketed feel to a living room space. These accent pieces also provide important warm textural elements that not only bring a warm feeling to the eye, but a physical warmth as well.

2. Utilize knit – Knit accent pieces act almost as a sweater for your living room. Taking an area rug and layering it with another accent rug, or at the foot of a cosy couch, instantly adds warmth to a living room.

3. Use warm colours – There is no more powerful interior design tool than colour, and using colour can provide an instant warmth without much additional styling at all. Incorporating warm accent décor, like the Snapper Floor Lamp in Gold, brings instant easy warmth.

4. Light from above – Lighting stores Australia that provide ceiling lighting could be exactly what you’re looking for to add that finishing warm touch to your living room. What lighting from above does, particularly to layered or textured spaces, is lights up every element, and with light comes natural warmth.

5. Warm metallics with soft pastels – Soft pastel colours bring their own natural comforting feeling, and when mixed with warm metallic colours like gold and bronze, they combine cosiness with warmth in a very seamless way.

6. Cross natural and glam – Natural elements like wood accent tables or indoor plants with glamour elements like mirrored coffee tables and plush luxury fabrics creates a warm, yet playful, sort of design. The luxe fabrics of glam interior designs help to add that cosy layering element to the space, while the natural elements help to tone down the mirrored finishes and distinct sparkle. What you’re left with is a perfectly balanced living room that has a great deal of natural warmth and effortless intrigue.

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