What Is The Transitional Interior Design Style?

What Is The Transitional Interior Design Style?

Transitional interior design style is on the rise – so what is transitional all about? In short, transitional home design style revolves around mixing up modern contemporary and vintage pieces in a way that keeps the room looking cohesive, but makes the most out of both vastly different interior design worlds. Bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting rooms, and even kitchens are benefitting from the transitional style trend, and there are simple ways that this trend can be incorporated into any room of the home.


The Trick To Transitional


It’s easy to see how some may feel it’s difficult to create the transitional interior design look. Taking vintage pieces and modern pieces and tossing them into a room together could eliminate that cohesive single room atmosphere. What you don’t want is a stark divide, or the appearance of a confused interior style. There’s a simple way to tie everything together, however, and this has to do with choosing a few “swing” pieces that can really go either way.

What Is The Transitional Interior Design Style? These swing pieces are those that when placed with contemporary styles, appear contemporary, but when placed with vintage styles, also fit right in with a vintage or retro look. Mid-century modern, whimsical, and elegant pieces can all be used as swing pieces, it just depends on what exact look you’re going for.

For a mid-century modern look, the Elle Arm Chair is the perfect swing piece. This chair has the space-age modern sort of style that took charge during the middle of the 20th century, but with an overall modern design, it fits right in with contemporary pieces of today. For transitional styles that verge on whimsical or sleek and chic, this AfterPay eligible piece is a simple choice.

For a space with an elegant vintage feel, a piece like the Sheffield Armchair is the type of swing piece you’re looking for. A tufted back and classic vintage look is met with edgy and modern metallic studs, making it that perfect piece to tie the entire feel of the space together.

When it comes to swing pieces in the transitional look, it’s not just armchairs that work to pull the entire contemporary-meets-vintage look together. Pendant lighting, chandeliers, wall art, floor coverings, sofas, and tables are just some of the pieces that can be used to anchor both the modern and vintage looks together. What you’re looking for in these pieces are vintage or modern overall looks, with certain touches that are reminiscent of a different time.

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