Bohemian Style Trends from the team @ The Interior Designer

We are seeing a strong trend towards Bohemian Style in interior design for 2019 and as we get asked often, “What is Bohemian Style”, the team at The Interior Designer have outlined a brief description for you.

Boho style blends influences and elements from many different eras and cultures and originally refers to travellers from the central-eastern European region of ancient Bohemia. Think the travelling gypsy with an amalgamation of unique and eclectic pieces (which we personally adore).

There are no rules at all when it comes to Boho Style in interior design and you can showcase everything you have collected on your travels and fill your space with a wide array of patterns, art pieces, fabrics, travel memoirs, patterns, mirrors, vases – anything at all that you have collected along the way. It is meant to look uniquely mis-matched, that is the essence of Boho Style.

For more of an Eastern-European effect, think beaded embellishments, tassels, crochet curtains and the goal is t evoke a feeling of the travelling gypsy (picking pieces up as you go). Throw everything together and make the space look effortlessly chic. We are seeing  a come back of the peacock as a statement piece (be sure to check out our gorgeous peacock pieces at and the hanging chair, which always adds a bohemian feel.

The white on white feature is perfect for a Boho interior and adding fairy lights, plush furry throws and cushions, plants and vases, creates a stylish Bohemian style. Overall, it is a very easy style to create in your space and we have outlined our 3 favourite pieces below that will help you evoke this feeling in your own home.

Peacock Table Lamp – Gold

Jazzi Knit Cushion 50 x 50 cm

Franklin Mirror