How to include New York Style into your home by the team @ The Interior Designer

We are obsessed with all things New York and have some fantastic tips on how you can bring Manhattan to your home through interior design. This style reflects a unique blend of innate elegance, creativity and style. It always has a contemporary edge and features many statement pieces throughout your home to add impact. We have listed some of our favourite tips to bring a little NYC into your home.

Loft living is the essence of New York Style and the key to achieving this in your home is to use a muted colour palette of black, grey and white and using bolder colours and statement pieces, such as artwork in focal areas of your home. These muted colours will ensure that you have a sense of space within your home.

There is a lot you can add regarding furniture and home décor to add to the Manhattan feel. Each room must feature a statement piece so it can add warmth, character and edge to give that New York loft feeling. When choosing furniture think dark timber, white marble, leather, glass, reflective metals, sleek silhouettes and anything oversized and opulent.

You can have a lot of fun when choosing artwork for your New York styled home, we recommend choosing oversized pieces, such as sculptural artwork and a mix of styles and sizes. Use simple framing and a sense of scale. This gives you a way to add personality and boldness to your New York loft style home.

The final key is to add a variety of textures, such as leather home décor, ornate marble, rich velvet lounges and different types of texture adds impact into your home.

We have outlined 3 of our favourite pieces at that will help you achieve the New York essence in your home.

Soft Leather Tassel Graphite Cushion

Melrose Armchair – Black

It Ottoman – Black