Tips to create your own private retreat…your Bedroom!

In today’s blog we are looking at some of The Interior Designer’s favourite tips in creating your own private retreat…your bedroom.

Your bedroom without a doubt is one of your favourite places to relax, watch a movie, read a book, mediate and just enjoy the fact that it is your own personal space. Your guests rarely see your bedroom either, so it gives you the perfect opportunity to design it exactly how YOU want it and add as many personal touches as you like.

Here are a few suggestions for you to think about when you are designing or re-designing your bedroom.

1/ Bed-side tables often look cluttered and messy with candles, lamps, an array of books, sometimes even makeup, skincare and perfume so our first tip is to have a beautiful bowl that you can put all of these bits and pieces in, to give more table space and ensure that everything on your bedside table has a place.

We also love taking table lamps off your bed-side table and hanging gorgeous pendant lights, positioned above the bed. This will give you more room on your bed-side table and add a feeling of layers to your bedroom with different heights throughout your space.

If you are looking to revamp your bedside table (one without all of the scratches and wine and coffee ring marks) here are some divine bedside tables to inspire you:

2/ If you are looking for a luxurious, dramatic effect in your bedroom, we love to look at your window dressing and create a high-end look with draped, heavy curtains OR if you want embrace natural light, we recommend layering drapes and light blocking shades, as this will give your bedroom a light, spacious and airy feel. This really depends on how much natural light you want to experience in your space.

The Interior Designer PRO TIP: Do not forget to move furniture several inches away from the window to make room for whichever blinds, curtains or drapes you are adding.

3/ If you are anything like us, you will love fresh flowers in your bedroom, not just for the burst of colour, but for the amazing smells and fragrances whiffing through your room. We love the idea of having 2-3 different size vases with fresh flowers situated around your bedroom, perhaps on your bedside table, or on a buffet or desk in your bedroom to add that pop of colour of beautiful fresh scents for days on end.

If you don’t have an array of vases (can you ever have too many!)

Here are some gorgeous designs from The Interior Designer:

4/ We also love the idea of seating in your bedroom, so you can light  a candle, relax and read your favourite book or curl up and watch your latest Netflix obsession! We would recommend you make your bed the main focal point of the bedroom, and then add extra seating such as a reading chair next to the window or a bench at the end of the bed. As this is your personal space, definitely choose a reading chair that is uber comfortable, as it is only going to be you enjoying it!

5/ Mirror Mirror on the Wall!!! Adding a mirror in your bedroom is a practical decision for those final minute checks before racing out the door, however they also work exceptionally well in opening up your space and making your bedroom appear much bigger.

Here are our favourite mirrors currently from The Interior Designer:

As you can see from the above, there are many simple ways to revamp or redesign your bedroom to ensure it has the warm, comforting feeling that you crave.

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