Pattern Mixing For Any Room In Your Home

Pattern Mixing For Any Room In Your Home

Pattern mixing isn’t only in fashion for apparel, it’s actually an even bigger deal in your interior design. Whether you’re using area rugs and cushions, or curtains and lampshades, mixing and matching patterns throughout any room in your home is a great way to add something interesting for the eye to follow.

Rules For Mixing Patterns

  • 3 is the magic number – When mixing patterns in your interior design, 3 is the magic number for any room. First, choose your main pattern (the one you love the most). This is the pattern you’ll base much of the room off of. For your second pattern, choose something of around half the size scale of the first pattern, with at least one matching or complementary colour. For the third pattern, focus less on a graphic pattern, and more on a textural pattern in a complimenting neutral shade.
  • Use white – A crisp, clean, and classic white will allow your patterns to stand out and blend well together. If you want the colours in your patterns to pop, white is going to compliment every shade, and the best part is that it goes with everything.
  • Make it harmonious – Whether you’re choosing white or another shade, keep the same colour palettes to build harmony throughout the space.

What popular patterns mix well? You can mix and match to see which goes best with your interior design style

Example Pattern Combinations

  • Small polka dots, florals, and stripes
  • Plaid, novelty graphics, and paisley
  • Geometric, chevron, and floral
  • Damask, floral, and stripes

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