Using Furniture To Make Your Small Room Look Larger

Using Furniture To Make Your Small Room Look Larger

Most homeowners want to give their small space the appearance of more room. Most know that using colour is a great way to open up a space. Did you know that furniture can be used as well? An old rule is to use small furniture to open up a small space. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Make Your Small Room Look Larger

  • Look for raised legs – This can give the appearance of open air and give you vertical space to work with. A few great options include the Abbey 3-Seat Sofa, Rochelle Sofa, or Austin Sofa.
  • Use small prints – Large printed rugs, chairs, and other furniture pieces emphasize your small space. So you will want to opt for smaller prints instead. The Joy Armchair is a perfect piece for a small living space with its raised legs and small textured diamond pattern.
  • Use mirrors – In a small space, every mirror is a magic mirror. The reflection of space and light helps to make the room look much larger, and this is a functional choice that adds character to the space as well. The Antique Dia Mirror in Silver looks beautiful on any wall as it reflects your space in style.
  • Add a large piece or two – Adding in a large piece, like a raised leg large sofa, or two is a great way to balance the space and make it look a little larger. A great option to bring the room centrally together is the Cocktail Coffee Table in White.

With these tips, you can take your small space and turning it into the airy and open area you want.

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