Our top “3 tips on how to design a stylish home office” From the team @ The Interior Designer

Creating a home office space that is stylish, comfortable and workable is much easier than you think with the top 3 tips from The Interior Designer. Working from home has many upsides, such as a better work-life balance, no commute and the ability to design and create an office that YOU love. The team @ The Interior Designer have their top 3 tips of what you need to create a home office that is both stylish and functional.


It is crucial that you remember to include lots of light sources within your stylish home office space. Think about the activities you will most likely conduct in your home office and determine which light sources will be most suitable. Are you having meetings? Working on your own? What time of the day are you planning on being in there? While desk lamps are an obvious choice, also consider other options that can create beautiful light. Lighting can be positioned to illuminate particular areas in your home office to ensure that it is both functional, yet stylish. Be sure to position your computer monitor so there is no glare from a window or overhead light.

The Interior Designer has some stunning lighting options that could lighten your home office and make it utterly stunning, a place you look forward to spending time in.



Personal Touches

Creating a stylish home office that you want to spend time in means that you have to pepper it with personal touches. You want your home office to feel inspiring, homely and professional but you do need personal touches to make it feel personal. Why not include a rug, cushion or planters that can add a special touch to your home office. You could also feature your favourite artwork or photos, as these extra personal touches will make it far more appealing to work in.

For some beautiful home wares inspiration to add to your stylish home office, look no further than The Interior Designer.


The perfect desk

It is important to get a desk that not only looks great, however is functional for your home office space. Your desk needs to offer enough room for a properly placed monitor, keyboard and mouse. Plus room for extras such as your mobile phone, coffee (essential) and items such as stationery etc. Visit The Interior Designer to find your perfect desk to finish off your stylish and purposeful home office space.


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