Our top “3 tips on styling your coffee table” From the team @ The Interior Designer

A feature coffee table can make or break a living area. Get it right, and it can be a stylish addition to any elegant living space; get it wrong and it can make a room look cluttered at best, messy at worst. There’s a tendency to simply use it as a surface area to home any manner of things – from dirty coffee mugs to dog eared magazines, but if you want it to be a stylish centre point for your room, it’s imperative to treat it as such. From focusing on balance to maintaining a grid, read on for our top tips on how best to style a coffee table for maximum affect.

Focus on the season

As the focal point of your living area, your coffee table can be a great way to update your space with the shift in seasons. Look to both the time of year and the weather when it comes to honing its style and you’ll never bore with it as the hub of your room. When Christmas is approaching, try adding a vase of gold twigs and a stylish selection of festive pieces; while in the middle of spring, you might want to opt for a bunch of fresh daffodils. In Autumn try folding a chunky throw, while summer might bring with it the perfect time for some lush green potted plants. By updating the decorative elements of the table, it can give your living space a fresh feel without having to break the bank.


Maintain a balance

Achieving a sense of balance is essential when it comes to styling your coffee table; if you decorate it with too many small items the table will look untidy, while only featuring large accessories or books, can give the table a more bulky and cumbersome effect. For an elegant finish that will make any living space look stylish, try experimenting with a variety of display items in an assortment of sizes; from tall vases to flat coffee table books. Try grouping together or stacking some books in one corner, while leaving the opposite corner of the table empty, and play round with different sized candles and flowers until you find a design that works best for you.

The rule of three

Many choose to follow a grid when it comes to styling their coffee table, and the age old rule of three can certainly come in handy. Try dividing your table into three separate sections, only allowing one sort of accessory in each area. This can help stop your table from looking too cluttered, and the effect can be a sleek and stylish centre point for your room. Compartmentalising when shaping how your table will look can also make the process easier, so it’s a win win situation for both a simple process and a stylish coffee table.

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