Lighting up your Life

Lighting is an essential component of any room and adds value to the overall aesthetic of any style and design. The right lighting can provide many benefits to a space including making a smaller room appear larger than it is and adding another dimension to the overall look and appeal of the room.

  • Adding dimmers to your lighting system can add a serene and romantic intrigue to the room
  • A large floor lamp placed strategically in the corner can add mood and style
  • Chandeliers can add elegance to a space without overpowering it, or it can serve as the focal point of a room
  • Floor or table lamps can be used when needed and can add extra charm to a room
  • Lightwork that puts the focus on an art piece or another focal point in a room is a great highlighting feature for accents

Incorporating the right lighting into your overall design can help add to the aesthetic of your colour choices, can highlight accent pieces, and can set an overall mood when you walk into the room. The placement and the type of lighting can also influence the room by transforming a functional space into a stylish space that will bring all design elements together.

Darker rooms generally require more natural lighting fixtures so that the room appears bigger and brighter than it is. Lighting placed in corners or centrally hanging on the ceiling can also open the space and make it appear larger, especially if you do not have access to natural light.

There are many strategic ways you can choose and place lighting fixtures to enhance the overall environment of the room while highlighting those accent pieces you are so proud to display.

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