Simple Styling and Decorating Ideas

Simple Styling and Decorating Ideas

We love Pinterest, but it can be pretty overwhelming if we’re not careful. We go in looking for a quick suggestion for decorating the bedroom, and suddenly we’re buried under ideas for every corner of every room in the house! Don’t let inundation get you down. Start small with these simple but effective decorating tactics.

• Use plants to add brightness and levity. Whether you’re using cool green succulents or vibrant flowers, plants bring the beauty of nature indoors, without cluttering your space. Plants can easily slip into hanging pots, freeing up your floor space while you add colour and texture to your room.

• Group smaller objects together for a bigger effect. You may not have the money to go out and buy all these gorgeous, eye-catching statement pieces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mimic their impact in a room. Grouping several smaller objects together—like vases, bowls, candles, or even books—can focus the eye to one area of the room and make the statement you want.

• Fake an upgrade with some white paint. An inexpensive table and chair set gets an instant update when you add a coat of white paint. White furniture is bright, airy, and classy, without being too dramatic. It also sets the stage for some beautiful centerpieces. Inexpensive, yet sophisticated!

• Sprinkle your accent colour around the room. Your luscious blue cushions may look great on your couch, but carrying that blue around the room can give the whole area a sense of cohesion and flow. Match with a blue area rug, or find opportunities to paint. The backs of shelves, windowsills, or even a planter can all be painted to match your accent colour and make your colour scheme feel whole.

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be a huge, complex project. Start small and build your way up, embracing simple styling ideas to get you going.

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