How to create a gorgeous Christmas table

We have collated some of our favourite Christmas table ideas to bring a magical décor to your home this year.

Pick a colour scheme and have a theme

Look around your house if you’re looking for inspiration and color schemes. What colours are in your decor? What type of decorations do you have? Then create a mood board or palette of colours to base your table off.

Create a Gorgeous Centerpiece

Place cards, festive napkins, and special dinnerware will help set the joyous scene for a Christmas meal, but the centerpiece is the real show-stopper of your table. So once you set the menu for the holiday feast, you’ll want to think about décor and what is going to bring that magical  element to your table this year


Here’s are some  DIY inspiration you need for your prettiest, most festive table:

Sparkling Accents

Curiosities such as milk starbursts grab attention in a centerpiece of pinecones and greens. Repurpose serving pieces as candleholders and tiny planters to add charming interest.

Lantern Lights

Surround lanterns with fresh greenery and pinecones for a classic, elegant centerpiece.


Circles of birch add a snow-covered effect when set against flickering votive candles. And metallic accents are always welcome during the holiday season.

Carnation Candles

This easy red-and-white arrangement complements any Christmas table. Fill a large white ceramic bowl with white-and-red-tipped carnations. Stand a white pillar candle in the center of the arrangement. If needed, place the candle on a block for extra height. Use battery-powered candles for safety if you prefer.


Lay Out Ornaments

A cluster of Christmas ornaments in a bowl is a fast and simple way to achieve a stylish table setting. Choose colours to suit your scheme and give your guests one to take home as a memento of the special day.

Candy Canes

A jar filled with candy canes and flowers on top, tied with a simple ribbon. Or, a several jars filled with edible delights like candy canes, Christmas cookies, chocolates, nits, strawberries. Use the old Mason jars with their red and white tops if you don’t have any.


Beachy Hampton’sChristmas

Have your Christmas in the Hamptons. A mix of weathered timber, crisp white, duck egg blue and classic coastal elements, including shells and seahorses, creates casual and yet sophisticated Christmas décor for the Hamptons inspired home.

Hamptons Christmas Decorating Elements:

  • Neutral colour palette • Coastal style decorations • Soft and washed out greys • Duck egg blue tones • Natural burlap textures • Simple and structured settings • Shells and seahorses • Textured driftwood decorations • Elegant glass ornaments

Traditional Christmas

Traditional Christmas is known for:

  • Use lots of red and green with hints of gold
  • Collect pine cones, ivy, candles and candy canes to decorate the centre of the table

Nordic Christmas

  • Think white, pale wood, red and white and pared back
  • European Christmas patterns
  • Gingerbread houses adored in white, simple jugs filled with sticks or a branch from a pine tree