Top 10 ways to bring Hampton style to your home

1. Let there be Light

When choosing your lighting you should have a good mix of light sources to give a relaxed yet stylish vibe.

Pendant lights in more traditional shapes and styles are just the thing for over the kitchen bench and dining table. Metallics are a key element here to give a nautical edge.

Wall lights and sconces are very popular with Hamptons styling too. Be sure to pick ones that can be dimmed for more intimacy at evening time.

2. Artwork

Picking out some beautiful artwork for your home is such a fun task! You can really let your creativity run wild mixing and matching prints. I would suggest sticking to white or natural frames for this style and adding lots of coastal vibes to bring your walls to life.

  1. Add warmth with task lighting

Tried and tested rules of interior design can be applied to your Hamptons home. Decorating ideas using lighting and textured finishes add layers to your home decor and build on your Hampton style.

“Lamps are by far the easiest way to add atmosphere to any room, and if you choose carefully they can also become a décor focal point,” Elaine advises.

  1. Coastal Colors

Let the seaside inspire the rest of your palette. Think soft neutrals, creamy tones, sea greens and blues — and make sure you apply them throughout.

“Ensure the colour palette flows from inside to out,” says Highgate House’s Leigh Boswell. “This doesn’t mean they have to be the same colours, they just need to sit comfortably together.”

  1. Natural Textures

White walls are the perfect base for your Hamptons home. Warm this up with lots of natural textures like timber flooring, sisal rugs, wicker furniture, classic works of art and curated home decor. Think gorgeous vases in blue & white, oversized greenery and blooms, soft greens, whites & creams.. Then layer up using natural textures such as linens, jute and rattan.

  1. Add a fireplace centerpiece

Rather than revolving your living room around the TV, a fireplace is not only striking, it’s more welcoming, too. It draws you in and is the perfect centrepiece to gather around. A natural gas fireplace is an ideal choice for families as it’s safer (no open flames), a time-saver (no need to fuss with wood and stoking the fire), and more environmentally-friendly.

  1. The Right Rug

Choosing a rug is tricky but getting it right will make an enormous difference to your space. “Using the right rug can instantly transform a room,” says Elaine. “It will add purpose, define a space and brighten [a room] depending on the colour chosen.”


  1. Window Seat

No Hamptons home is complete without a window seat that is perfect for spending lazy weekends snuggled up under a throw, reading the paper and drinking homemade coffee! These are a common feature in this style of home with tailor-made cushions to fit perfectly in with the scheme.

  1. Furniture

Hamptons homes are perfect for entertaining so when you are thinking about furniture and placement it’s a great idea to keep this front of mind.

A neutral colour palette base is the perfect place to start. This makes combining relaxed and smarter decor much easier and can cater to a wide variety of furnishing.

  1. Greenery Essentials

Lots of greenery is absolutely essential in a Hamptons style home. And not just inside but outside too!

Indoors the look will be completed with oversized, big, bold plants in blue and white pots.

Or why not get your fix of natural textures with some gorgeous baskets like the photo above? Don’t forget the garden — keeping it neat is one of the key features. Manicured lawns, trimmed hedges and lots of planter boxes full of flowers (hydrangeas are a favourite!)