Home Bar Design Ideas

Home Bar Design Ideas

There’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back and chatting with dear friends over a delicious drink. The problem is, those social outings can get pretty expensive after awhile. You can actually save money in the long run, and beautify your home, by installing a home bar. Sleek, stylish, and great for socializing, a home bar adds a fun flair to your kitchen, no matter the size.

For small spaces

If you don’t have a lot of kitchen to work with, think vertically. Utilise floor-to-ceiling shelving to house your bar supplies. A chalkboard menu can help add a cute bistro flair.

Room to grow

For larger spaces, you can spread out a bit more. Poolside bars, or any home bar set outdoors, has room for more seating. If you have the space, try adding an awning of some kind so you can keep the party outside even if it rains.

Light it up

Set your home bar apart with some unique lighting. If you’re going soft and intimate, try amber fairy lights to set the mood. Or, if you’re aiming for more of a party feel, try red or blue lighting to electrify the atmosphere.

Let it go over your head

Overhead shelving adds a more authentic feel to your home bar, and it helps save on cabinet space. You can have fun decorating this space, too, making it a fun and practical way to bring the pubs home with you.

Keep it out of sight

Want something a little more covert? Try installing a sliding wood panel over you bar. It adds a coy touch of drama to be able to pull back the curtain (or panel) on your fancy new bar, don’t you think?

Don’t let the cost of drinks keep you from enjoying a night out (or in) with friends. Make your home bar the next best place for entertainment!