Decorating with Plants

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Decorating with Plants

There’s just something magical about greenhouses. The way they take the wild, gorgeous greenery from outdoors and move it inside produces such a stunning combination of natural and cultivated décor. Plus, having plants indoors saturates the air with oxygen while scrubbing away carbon dioxide. All that is to say, decorating with plants is a surefire way to add beauty and freshness to your space.

Plants can brighten up your indoor living space while making you feel closer to nature. There are certain areas of you home just begging to be decorated with a little green! Look no further than the empty spaces on your bookshelf. These areas provide a wonderful platform for a well-placed plant. Plants add a pop of colour and a new texture to an already beloved and classic bookshelf.

Long hanging plants also give you an opportunity to get whimsical. Potting one of these plants and putting it on a high shelf lets you play with the vines, letting them cascade downwards. It’s a lovely and unique effect that adds a sense of playfulness and movement to your space.

Plants also open the doors of creativity. Whether you want to create your own hanging planter or find new and fun ways to show off your greens, there’s no limit on ways to give plants more space in your home. Anything from old milk bottles, buckets, bowls, or even light bulbs can be turned into planters or terrariums to showcase your indoor foliage. Any of these planters can be enhanced with stones, gems, paint, or even twine.

Plants are a fantastic way to add beauty to your home. Place them in a pool of sunlight on a windowsill, hang them from the ceiling, or perch them on floating shelves to spread the joy of the outdoors all through your indoor space.