5 Unique Interior Design Trends For 2018

5 Unique Interior Design Trends For 2018

Interior design trends for 2018 are vast, and regardless of your personal style, there is a little something for everyone in today’s top trends. For something a little different, 5 unique interior design trends for 2018 are:


1. Small home style – A common misconception is that it’s more difficult to design small homes or small spaces, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Small home style is a top 2018 trend, and the small home style mood board makes crafting your own style within a small space very simple. When looking at furniture online, pieces like the Replica Eames DSW Dining Table and the Johansen Nest Tables help to create more open space with AfterPay eligibility.

2. Spa inspiration – For bathrooms, the biggest trend for 2018 is spa inspiration. Rather than the edgy industrial look, or a clean and minimalist look, bathrooms are venturing into the zen and the soothing by taking on an “own personal oasis” look. With natural materials, earth tones, and plenty of rattan accessories, some may find it difficult to create real statement with a spa inspired look. For this, pendant lighting is perfect. A pendant light with a calming look like the Flapper Pendant in Small makes a perfect statement while setting the right atmosphere.5 Unique Interior Design Trends For 2018

3. Sizable wall art – Wall art has never had a moment out of the spotlight, but what sets 2018 apart is the size. Rather than smaller pieces or gallery walls, large statement art pieces are taking the stage and setting the tone for all rooms in the home. While most popular in sitting spaces, bedrooms, hallways, and even kitchens are getting in on the trend and benefitting from the drama that large wall art pieces can bring.

4. Herringbone flooring – Flooring is going French for 2018, with herringbone wooden flooring making a huge comeback. Created from various types of wood, this type of flooring is timeless, versatile, and works in spaces from Hamptons Coastal, to French Provincial, all the way to Scandinavian and beyond.

5. Statement ceiling – Statement flooring has had its time in the spotlight for some time, and now we’re looking up rather than down. Statement ceilings with texture, wallpaper, painted designs, and statement lighting fixtures are opening up spaces and creating interesting style in an entirely new way. To draw attention to statement ceiling, a pendant light to draw the eye upward and highlight the design works particularly well.


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