5 Whimsical Trends To Add Personality Into Interior Design

5 Whimsical Trends To Add Personality Into Interior Design

It’s those whimsical touches that really add to the personality of a space. These touches of whimsy don’t necessarily have to be statement pieces or big eye-catchers, they simply have to add something to the atmosphere that speaks to your individualism and meaningful touch. 5 whimsical trends to add personality into a design for 2018 are:

1. Miami inspiration and luxurious fabrics Rather than the demure neutrals of the past, we’re now moving into Miami vintage inspiration for floor coverings and wall covers, and when mixed with luxury fabrics, this really gives an opportunity for adding whimsical personality. For instance, light purple or pink and mint tones on the walls or carpet combining with decadent furniture pieces like our Joshua Sofa in Light Grey really creates a transitional style space with a certain Miami luxury inspiration.

2. Folky looks – Natural fabrics, primitive patterns, earthy tones, and pillowy furniture all add to the breezy folky trend that allows you to impart quite a bit of your individuality into a room. For a folky sitting space, the Long Island Arm Chair in Dove Grey resting atop the AfterPay eligible Hellena Braided Wool Rug creates an easy folk-friendly feel that embraces the eco-conscious trend while also celebrating an easygoing personality.

5 Whimsical Trends To Add Personality Into Design 3. Embrace floral Florals have never been bigger, and we’re seeing them just about everywhere in décor. From metallic floral pieces to living walls, floral is bigger and better than ever while featured everywhere from the bedroom to the bathroom in home design. For a simple whimsical floral feature, the Band Tail Wall art includes flowers alongside an encyclopedia designed bird in a sizable piece, which also ties in the very on-trend 2018 large wall art interior design style.

4. Bigger and better wallpaper Wallpaper is bigger than ever, and like wall art, it’s leaving behind small and subtle in favor of big and bold. If you’re looking to use pattern mixing in your whimsical personal touches, large patterned wallpaper really makes a statement while keeping things easy with mixing in other patterns of varying sizes.

5. Handled with care Another whimsical trend focuses less on furniture or furnishings themselves, and more on the details. Statement handles on cabinets, drawers, and chests are really making a splash, adding in just that perfect attention to detail type accent that really ties a room together with personality. For a smaller space, the Rochester Mirrored Bedside Table reflects light and opens space with a mirrored surface, while Greek key antique styled drawer pulls remain perfectly on trend. 

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