5 Quick Storage Solutions For Your Home

At The Interior Designer we LOVE pieces that are not only gorgeous, but functional too. It is so important to have storage throughout our home to keep the clutter at bay and ensure our home looks and feels uncluttered, spacious and tidy. We have outlined below some super simple storage solutions that we know you are going to love!

Customise a Wall Unit

One of the easiest ways to reduce clutter is to add a floor-to-ceiling wall unit in your home and we love it as it doesn’t just act as storage, but it is an incredible way to dress up the walls. You can add your favourite books, candles, vases and decorative pieces, so they are featured on the wall unit and this storage solution will instantly refresh your living space.

Storage Stools

We couldn’t do a blog on storage without mentioning storage stools.  They are such an amazing way to get throws, blankets and pillows off the floor and lounges and keep your living spaces looking orderly. Storage stools are an easy fix for storage, and they look fabulous in any space. Injecting a gorgeous pop of colour into your interiors, the Totti storage stool is truly versatile. Cleverly doubling as a practical storage solution, the Totti is as useful as it is chic with its removable cushioned lid revealing ample space for storing easily accessible household items. Available in a range of lust worthy colours, and at an attractive price point, the Totti is hard to resist.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves will get your living room space look instantly polished and gorgeous and similar to the built-in wall unit, you can add your favourite decorative pieces such as vases filled with fresh blooms, books and candles. Floating shelves will enable you to make the most of your wall space and we recommend mixing and matching different shelf sizes to create a unique display. You could also look at adding functional shelves that feature hooks, baskets and bins as a storage solution, and these work exceptionally well in entryways and kids’ bedrooms.

Storage Ottoman

Adding a storage ottoman to your home is going to get all of your chaos into instant order! They come in all different sizes and textures and make a wonderful addition to your home, especially lounge and bedroom areas where you are relaxing and literally putting your feet up!  Some feature pockets on the sides which are great for everyday items and don’t forget to use them for extra seating when needed. You can also put your books, games, magazines, newspapers, throws and pillows inside the ottoman and have your living area looking spick and span in less than a minute. How perfect is that? Another reason we love storage ottomans is that they are a great way to introduce a new fabric or colour into the design of a room. For example, your living room space could be black and white, why not choose some bright red or yellow ottomans to add a splash of colour into the space. Just a thought!

Our Carrie storage bench ottoman enjoys a clean, contemporary profile with plush velvet upholstery in a sumptuous shade of rich forest green. Featuring a detailed cross stitch cushion top and striking rectangular metal legs finished in a chic antique gold, Carrie cleverly doubles as a practical storage solution with its hinged lid revealing ample space for storing easily accessible household items. Perfect as a bed end or casual living room seating, the versatile Carrie storage bench ottoman is equally adaptable as a coffee table, footrest or dining bench – adding a gorgeous accent to your stylish interior.




Introducing a sideboard into your living room and brings a handsome sophistication to your space an excellent way to put away your ever-growing collection of dining crockery or your board games and bric a brac in the living room. It will give you an opportunity to remove all of the clutter and no-one will know what the sideboard is full of. Instant tidy!

We hope that you have found these 5 storage tips inspirational and that you are ready to take action and remove the clutter once and for all. It is so much easier than you think, so choose one room and go for it. You will be so glad that you did.

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