Add a Touch of Mediterranean Decor to your Home!

At the Interior Designer one of our favourite things to do is search the globe for new and upcoming trends and one of our absolute favourites is the Mediterranean décor. Our inspiration comes from the regions north of the Mediterranean Sea – Spain, Greece and Italy. This divine influence features cool blue tones and statement pieces and we love that you can inject this décor into your home, wherever you live in the world.

If you are looking for a South European influences style in your home, there are many ways you can do this. One of our favourite ways to do this to infuse a sun-soaked look either indoors or outdoors, with terracotta tiles in different shades of orange. It gives an instant European feel – think “Under the Tuscan Sun” and we love how easy it is to add to your home.

If you are looking to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your home, adding a feature wall is the perfect way to do this. Think natural, rustic textures and you can achieve this by creating a sand textured wall for visual depth and warmth. We personally love the sand, natural colour palette, however bright yellows, burnt and rustic oranges and sky blues are also extremely popular. Having a featured wall is an ideal way to add this European influence and we would recommend having some pillows, throws and accessories close by that have accents from the colour wall you choose, to bring the whole theme together beautifully.

We are loving adding a touch of gold to bring in a luxurious feel and these two feature, statement pieces are perfect to make a luxe impact.

Jak coffee Table – Gold

Jak Side Table – Gold

We love having greenery featured around any home, however, to get this look, we r adding some of our stunning fiddle-leaf artificial trees and place them around your Mediterranean inspired space. What we love most is how real they look and that they survive rain, hail and sun! These regions are known for vibrant produce and flowers and having gorgeous vases filled with colourful blooms is sure to bring even more of the sunlit days to your home.

Fiddle Leaf Artificial Tree – 150cm

There is so much to love about this inspired décor and we suggest you choose pieces that you love to look at. There are so many options for you to add elements of this theme throughout your home and we hope you feel inspired by the ones that we shared with you today.

We are so excited about the possibility of what the interior design world is bringing to 2021 and be sure to check back here for more blogs and inspiration throughout the year.

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