Shop The Look – Newport Beach

southern california design

Newport Beach offers a sophisticated approach to the laid back charm of Southern Californian design. Inspired by the sandy beaches and the royal blues of the Pacific Ocean, Newport Beach style offers relaxing, fresh, and airy atmosphere.

To create this look we paired chunky wood pieces in natural tones with effortless upholstered furnishings. Then we added a collection of monochromatic motif pieces to create visual interest without being too fussy. The result is a comfortable, casual space that is both inviting and elegant. A perfect place to unwind after a long day.

To achieve the Newport Beach look in your own home, consider adding some of the curated pieces listed below. Each piece was hand-selected by our team of world-class interior designers for their versatility and quality:

Cairns Coral Style Table Lamp

Ventura Temple Jar

Montecito Temple Jar

St. James Oak Buffet

Savanna Stool

Lourdes Arm Chair – Natural

Sea Change Oil Print

Olympia Cushion – Navy

No matter what style you love, The Interior Designer can help. We offer a beautiful selection of home furnishings and decor and comprehensive design services to help you put it all together. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you bring this style to your home.