Interior Design Services

An interior doesn’t need to be beautiful to work.  Any chair can hold a person, and any table can hold your dinner.  But if you do invest in beautiful furniture and decorations, you can have an interior that matches your personality.  A bright and cheerful room can help perk you up on a bad day, and a dark and serious room can help you concentrate on your business.  Quality furniture can impress your houseguests, and it’s a great way to really personalize your home.

Here at The Interior Designer, we believe appearances are important.  A beautiful home with high-end furnishings gives you a chance to express yourself and spend your time with surroundings you can love, and that’s why we offer our interior design services and curated furniture collections to everyone who visits our site.

Only The Best For Our Customers

If you’re looking for an online store with as many options as possible, you won’t have any trouble finding one.  However, these stores usually don’t make it easy to figure out which furnishings are high-quality and which ones are simply expensive.  Many options are out of fashion or never were in, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a couch and a chair go together without seeing them next to each other.

That’s why at The Interior Designer we stock our catalogue with quality rather than quantity.  We search for the best furniture and decorations around so that when you look through our inventory you’ll know you’re getting something good.  As part of our interior design services, we also make it easy to pick out the perfect set of furniture by letting you browse by furniture type, room, or by the style you’re looking for.

Get Some Expert Advice

We also offer our interior design services directly to our customers.  If you want the advice of the professionals who decide what’s in our catalogue, you can check out our interior styling service and get a professional consultation on how to best use your available space.

With our basic consultation we’ll start with your room measurements and then help you figure out exactly what will work based on the colours, the lighting, and the mood you want your room to provide.  Our designers will then work out what you need to get based on what’s in our store and where you need to place it, and if you want something specific we don’t have available we’ll still do what we can to make sure you can get it.  We won’t be satisfied until we know you’re satisfied.

Pay The Way That Works For You

Quality furniture can be expensive.  There’s really no getting around that fact.  Because of that, we offer several payment options so as many of our clients and customers as possible can purchase our furnishings and our interior design services.

Like most online stores, we accept every major credit card.  We also accept PayPal payments, which means you can use their payment plans or transfer the amount directly from your linked bank account.  Then there’s AfterPay, a service that pays up to $1,000 so you can get your products right away.  Afterwards you can pay them back in four fortnight instalments using the credit or debit card you select when you check out.

The Interior Designer can also work with you to arrange other payment methods.  You can contact us through phone or email and we’ll make sure you get the products you want.  We also accept international orders, so if you live outside Australia but you like what you see we can work out a deal that will bring our products to you.  We’ll be sure you know what the extra shipping costs add, too.

A beautiful interior is its own reward, and if you’re looking for the best furnishings and decorations around then you’ve come to the right place.  Our catalogue offers some of the trendiest and most fashionable tables, chairs, couches, and lighting in Australia, and they can give your home a truly high-class appearance.  But why bother reading about it when you can see our collection for yourself?  Simply choose one of the categories above and have a look at all the amazing products we offer.