What’s your Interior Design Style?

What’s your Interior Design Style?

Designs and styles vary drastically from home to home, and there are so many different design styles to choose from. The following are a few of the most popular styles and explains their key characteristics and features, making it easy for you to choose which one best describes you and what you dream of when wanting to design or redesign your interior space.

French Provincial

This style encompasses elegance and includes bright and cheery colours, elegantly carved armoires, carved wood mirrors, raw materials, and a landscape type of colour palette. This style uses traditional prints that nod to nature and include ceramic pieces, fresh flowers, and copper accents.


Glamour embodies allure, elegance, and style with metallic accents, candles, dramatic lighting fixtures, and a clutter-free and simple space with abstract art, lots of textured pillows, and leather and brass accents.


When we think Hamptons, we think a beach style that is bright, fresh, and clean. White cabinetry with black hardware and accents, textured rugs, and lots of blue and white splashed throughout the space. It is welcoming, comfortable, and chic.


Modern style can come in many different forms, but the elements that make any modern style stand out include minimalist silhouettes, natural shapes, and refined lines. Many of the pieces are highly versatile and can also include moulded plastic and aluminium.


Regal makes us think of royalty, and the colour palette for this style clearly reflects that. It is royal and luxurious with a mix of deep burgundy and cream colours and gold-plated surfaces and accents.


This style is more mid-century modern with gentle contours, playful accent colours, and a mix of engineered and organic materials. The colour foundation for the Scandinavian style is typically white with grey tones and pale woods.

If you are looking to refresh your space or embrace a new style choice then the Interior Designer is a good place to go to find characteristic pieces and elements to portray any style you choose; from French provincial to Scandinavian charm.