How to Choose Wallpaper

Choosing wallpaper is nowhere near as difficult as you might think it is! In today’s blog the team at The Interior Designer is going to break down some simple strategies for you, so choosing wallpaper for your home will be a breeze! It is important to note that the wallcovering you choose can have varying impacts on your space, such as make it look warmer, darker, brighter, even make it appear smaller or larger than it actually is.

Let’s jump straight in with some important things for you to consider.

We love the opportunity for when choosing wallpaper to illuminate the light that you already have in that space, however you are not always going to have light. If you are in a dark room, such as a room with no windows, why not use a lighter wallpaper and one that is very popular right now is metallic wallpaper and you can choose a very subtle or bold pattern, and what we love most about it is it gives instant light, colour and impact to any room. Which one are you going to choose…patterned, marbled or foil?

We get asked often about creating a feature wall with wallpaper and this is a wonderful option if you are looking to create a one-off wall inside your home. Such as a featured walkway, a wall in your living room or even in your bedroom. We are loving geometric wallpaper and right now soft pinks and greys are hugely popular and we would recommend adding metallic accents to really give this space life! If you are looking for a feature wall that is more bold, why not look at art-deco inspired wallpaper patterns that will really make an impact in your home. When choosing bold wallpaper patterns such as these, we suggest keeping them as a feature wall only, as you don’t want it to be too overdone or too appear cluttered. Stick with one bold, fabulous pattern as your feature wall.

Another option is featuring a wood-effect wallpaper as this will give your room a rustic feel about it immediately. We love this wallpaper option if you have a Scandinavian or Rustic/Country style throughout your home. There are many different wood-effect wallpapers designs on the market and they look incredible in a living room, library or bedroom.

We are seeing more and more clients adding wallpaper to their kitchens and this is proving to be very popular. One quick tip, if you are going to do this make sure you choose a wallpaper that is specifically designed for kitchens, as it needs to be washable and durable. Striped wallpaper is popular in kitchens and is a classic and clever design as it draws your eye upwards to open up space and makes any room look larger. You can choose from horizonal or vertical and lots of different lines, such as wavy, straight or zig way. Striped wallpaper is a wonderful choice for many different rooms, not just your kitchen. If you are looking for something different in your kitchen, this could be a wonderful option.

Colour can make an enormous impact on a room and the mood, vibe and feeling of a space. For a tranquil and relaxed feel, go for your delicate ivory shades right through to warm whites, as this will bring not only that serene feeling, but will bring a very classic and elegant style to this environment. If you do go with this option, think about adding a feature wall to compliment your white wallpaper, or if staying with shades of white, choose some bright, stunning interior pieces to go with this.

See here for some of our favourite to match from our Hamptons collection

The Hamptons Collection

Now to explore choosing wallpaper for your bathroom! Many people are unsure about whether to use wallpaper in their bathroom or not and we say go for it! Instead of using a basic paint job in your bathroom, you can bring a unique twist by using a stylish wallpaper, keeping in mind it is the same as choosing one for your kitchen – it must be specifically designed as bathroom wallpaper. One of our favourites is the tile bathroom wallpaper, as it gives your bathroom the appearance of having tiles featured and it is wallpaper and not wall tiling!

Or you could go with a featured wallpaper in your bathroom also – flamingos anyone?

There is a plethora of wallpaper options for your home and we know you will love it once you have it incorporated this element. For more interior design strategies, tips, tricks and inspiration, please join us at

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