Using Colour to Liven Up Interior Spaces

Using Colour to Liven Up Interior Spaces

Do you have a very clean and modern space that is adorned with white? Add a few pops of colour to liven it up. Here are some tips on using colour that can take your space to the next level of design and style.

It is possible to leave your walls white but still add in some colour and personality to the room. You can introduce colour through the fabrics, cushions, accessories, wall art, and other décor placed throughout the room.

Colourful Furniture

Placing a colourful piece of furniture into a white and modern room can help create a stunning focal point. Whether it is a sofa, buffet, or accent table adding that pop of colour can create a spectacular moment of beauty when anyone enters the room.

Metallic Finishes

Having a white backdrop can also allow your other metallic accents in the space to shine. The white walls are not reflective. Therefore the metallic pieces you strategically place around the room will shine brighter and stand out more against the very muted and neutral backdrop.

Area Rug

A brightly coloured and vibrant area rug can also liven up the room and can even tie in other décor pieces if one of the colours is already present throughout the space. While it adds a great splash of color, an area rug can also add much-needed texture to the room to further brighten and liven up the space.

Decorative Mirrors

Finally, adding in a decorative mirror can help reflect any bright colours that may have been introduced in the décor pieces. You can even repaint an older frame to match the room. The reflective mirror can add color and light to the space very easily.

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