Top tips for creating more space in a room

In a compact living room there are various ways to create the feeling of space and the team @ The Interior Designer have chosen 7 easy ways to create more space in a small interior space. These are very simple ideas to help you rethink your living spaces, so it can become a space you truly want to spend your time living in.


Making your place look spacious can be easily achieved if you know how to play with the lighting in your room. One of our biggest tips is to spread the lights around the room and don’t have just one feature light source in the middle of the room. Use multiple light sources around the space to give it more light and open the room up. Floor lamps in corners and table lamps around the room are an excellent way to create space within a room.

A great trick in making a room appear bigger is to utilise vertical space. Long hanging pendant lights from the ceiling can work to highlight the room’s height and is another great tip for giving your room an appearance of more space

Using glass within your rooms

Another interior design tip is to use see-through furniture such as glass tables as glass will open up a room and make the space appear much larger than it is. Glass pieces are hugely on trend at the moment and a very easy addition to any room.

Adding colour

Whether you plan on painting your walls or adding wallpaper, adding colour to them can make your room look more spacious. It is a generally known fact that light colours make a room look larger and brighter. Dark colours however make a room look smaller, as they absorb light. We recommend you using soft tones of off-white, soft blues and greens and a great tip is to paint your wall trim and moldings a lighter colour than your walls. This will give an effect of your walls appearing further back and giving your room an airy, open and bright feeling.

Another tip is to make your ceiling pop by painting it in a bright colour, which will drive the eye upward and create the illusion of high ceilings.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Adding a mirror to your small space is a very easy way to make your room look larger. Use a focal point and angle your mirror towards it to give the illusion of depth. Mirrors give a great effect of bouncing light deep into the room, which immediately gives the space an illuminating presence. Another tip would be to use mirrored cabinet doors to make the room feel and look larger.

Adding a piece of art

A piece of art can play an important role in the overall scale and proportion of a room. It can take over a room and dominate; however if you place it above the eye line, it can often create a sense of height and space.

A secret storage

When you have too many books or other accessories that you don’t always use, using a secret storage piece such as an ottoman with built in storage is a great way to go. Clutter makes a room look much smaller than it actually is, so do a huge sweep and put away all of those treasures that are not used daily.  A trick here is to buy multi-functional furniture that can be used as both a coffee table and extra seating, all at once.


Leaving your windows uncovered is the perfect way to create space, as automatically will create a sense of depth in a small space. Such an easy way to create space within your home.

For inspiration, we have highlighted two beautiful pieces from The Interior Designer below:

Luna Mirror

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