Top tips and tricks for creating a Gorgeous and Functional Office Space

As we spend so much time in our office, it’s important for it to be not only gorgeous to look at, but functional. We have outlined our top tips and tricks for creating a gorgeous and functional office space that are easy and practical.  Spring is the perfect time to refresh our office space and give it a spring clean!

1/ The very first thing we recommend you to do is organise your current workplace by going through your existing files and documents and sort out what needs to be kept and which ones you can get rid of. It is a good idea to clear out all draws, shelves and filing cabinets so you can organise a system from scratch. We are all guilty of hoarding and keeping files and documents that we no longer need!  Once you have cleared out files and documents also take out of your office space anything that you no longer need. You need your office space to be clean and uncluttered to give you a productive mind each day.

2/ We suggest using vertical storage spaces to give your office the illusion of a larger space. You can choose vertical storage units and cabinets and these are excellent storage options to keep your office space tidy and minimalist. They don’t take up much room and remove a lot of the clutter from the office.

3/ To give your office a fresh look, one of the most effective and cost effective ways is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Just because it is an office doesn’t mean it has to be painted in white or beige, you don’t have to go for neutral colours, think bright colours to give a positive and energising office vibe.

4/ Another great tip is to use mirrors throughout your office space. Mirrors will make your office space appear larger as it reflects light and works well to open up the room. Long gone are the days of sterile looking offices and board rooms, and mirrors are a fabulous way to update your office space.

5/ Using the right lighting can again give your office space the appearance of a bigger space. Good lighting creates pleasurable working conditions and your productivity will be positively affected by well-designed illumination. Floor lamps are a good choice if you have a larger office space, although not a great choice if you have a small office space

6/ Bring Nature inside through plants and gorgeous flowers. Research shows that plants and flowers reduce stress in the workplace and provide cleaner air for everyone to breathe. They also complement your interior design through complementing tones and can give a gorgeous burst of colour to give a happier and healthier office space.

7/ Our favourite tip is to bring personality into your office space. This can be through industry awards, personal photos and accessories and can give personality, character and flair to your office. Unique chairs featured throughout the office, maybe even a beanbag or two or even sleeping pods (who doesn’t want a little afternoon nap in the afternoon!). Bringing personality into your office will give a fun and welcoming feel and can be statement features, which are always great conversation starters for people visiting your office for the first time.

We hope these tips and tricks inspire you to create a gorgeous and functional office space and remember you are the one spending the most time there, so choose interior pieces that you want to see and be around everyday. Below are 5 gorgeous pieces from The Interior Designer to kick start your inspiration and creativity for your own office update!

Harmony Desk

PU Leather Wood Curved Office Chair

Halia Storage Box – White

Dolce Desk Lamp