Top Sofa Trends in 2019

Choosing a sofa can be tricky as you want one that brings you comfort, but also has a beautiful design to match your home décor. How do you go about choosing the right one for you? The team @ The Interior Designer have some great tips for you regarding sofa trends in 2019 to help you.

To begin think about practicality, as a sofa is usually a piece that you live with for quite some time, so think about fabric, colour, lightweight so you can move when needed and neutral upholstery so you can move it around your home if need be.

The size of your sofa is something important (and something our clients don’t ever consider). The size of your sofa is vital in making your new addition work within your home. Think about traffic flow moving around your space, how it is going to fit in with existing furnishings and how many people can fit on the sofa. Is it just for your family or is it for entertaining family and friends also?

Tip: If you are looking for a tried and tested piece, go with the mid-century modern silhouettes they will never go out of style and will always be a gorgeous showpiece.

Another trend in sofas is the sectionals as these are always show-stoppers as they are incredibly dramatic. They are great for tight corners and perfect for the family room, where everyone sits together for a movie night.

We are seeing sectional sofas popping up everything and the dual functionality is the main reason as to why these segmented sofas are so popular and continue to be so. One of our favourite things about these types of sofas is they have multiple positions that they can be shaped into (which Interior Designer wouldn’t love that!). They can be a longer type of sofa, corner or anything in between. We love that this enables you to adapt your furniture to your space, rather than building your room around your sofa.

Sectional sofas are what we recommend when our clients are looking to fill a large empty space. You can really visually change the amount of space by moving the pieces into various positions and it gives your living space a completely different appearance. They really are the shining star in sofas.

Tip: Go for slim legs and a neutral charcoal or grey to keep this fuss free and very easy to fit into any design style in your home.

The final trend is sustainable and natural fabrics and this can be for more than just your sofa. Upholstered furniture, cushions and throws, natural fabrics are THE TREND for home design in 2019. It speaks volumes of a peaceful, quiet home and we love it as it suits so many styles and looks and you can integrate the natural textiles into all elements of your home, including your sofa.

Be sure to look at a wide variety of sofas when shopping, but remember space and practicality as the two key elements when buying the next addition to your home. Visit us at for more inspiration.

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