Top 5 Storage Solutions for 2020

One of the most important factors to consider in any home, big or small, is the storage. Is there enough space for your clothes, shoes, books, or you just simply want to maximize the space in your home. Here are the 5 Storage Solutions for you this 2020:

  1. Get A Wall Desk

Think you have no room for an office? Think again. A mounted wall desk takes up way less room—and you can even mount shelves above it for even more storage space.

  1. Floor Cabinets

Same part of the apartment, different functionality: Build cabinets on top of the floor and you’ll be able to easily compartmentalize—and access—clothes and supplies.

  1. Under-the-Stairs Storage

Yes, you can opt for glamorous built-ins like these or simply get creative with how you arrange furniture in that underutilized nook beneath the stairs.

  1. Divider Shelves

Divider Shelves or partition shelves are also function as shelves separates the working area from the living space, and keeping art supplies tidied away

  1. Customized Kitchen Storage

An organized kitchen design starts with plenty of customized storage. The contemporary design maintains a sleek appearance with ample kitchen cabinets accessorized with specialized storage inserts, island cabinetry, and custom shelves to keep electronics tidy. The room includes a built in television and undercounter microwave, as well as plenty of workspace. White cabinetry contrasted by grey glass tile backsplash offer a contemporary feel, while hardwood floors bring an element of warmth to the room.